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20 Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Ideas | Dailymakeover

20 Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Ideas

Making Eyebrows Too Dark  Brow hair color fades just the same as the hair on your head, so using the same color eyebrow pencil at 50 that you used at 20 is a bad idea. You want your brow pen to blend with your existing brow, not stand out against it. The best rule of thumb is to choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than your natural brow color.

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Great video with simple everyday brown eyes eye makeup! Makeup Tips and Tricks – Step by Step Dark Brown Eyes Makeup Video Tutorial

Love her eye makeup! of ciurse it can;t hurt that shes stunninly gorgeous! Khaki Makeup is Back! See Why Everyone’s Wearing It

Khaki Makeup is Back! See Why Everyone's Wearing It

Ruby red lips // Burberry // spring // Romantic // lashes // soft // pink // Bridalmake-up // contour // natural // bruidsmake-up // naturel

Perfect Bridal Makeup So pretty in pink! @_beautybyalex with Noir Fairy Lashes…

MODERATE LENGTH, MODERATE VOLUME silk in a traditional strip lash formation A note about silk: - Handmade - light-weight - Durable (Up to 25 applications with proper care.

Hollywood glamour make-up, with a pearly sheen

Bridal Make-up: Hollywood Glamour (BridesMagazine.co.uk)

Red lips and winged eyes - paired with a porcelain-pale, illuminated complexion - create a soft, subtle glow.