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Jack Tramiel

Addio Jack Tramiel, fondatore della Commodore e papà del


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Commodore 64 D64 Disk Files, Commodore Internet Gaming |

A a 300 baud modem, BBSs. I was screaming on the net with that 1200 Baud modem of mine.

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Amstrad CPC 464 Computer

Amstrad CPC 464 Computer - my joint Xmas gift with my sister! It came with a load of cassettes too including a really annoying mummy maze game

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My first computer. A Tandy 1000 TX. I would dial BBS in Australia, Japan. Wow the phone bills I would have!

Seems archaic now, but at the time the Sesame Street Counting game was the bombdiggity. My first apple and the start of a love affair.

My first computer. An Apple IIe with no hard drive, Microprocessor 6502 running at MHz data bus Memory 64 KB RAM built-in 16 KB ROM built-in Expandable from 64 KB up to 1 MB RAM or more Video modes 40 and 80 columns text, white-on-black, with 24 lines&

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suyhnc: “Me back in 1984 with my Commodore Vic 20 (via Extra Ketchup)”


Making a game in 1993 - Amiga 500 computers


Commodore 64 computer Basic my second hands on computer language of sorts.

Amiga 500

The National Museum of Computing in the UK shows the evolution of computers from WWII coding breakers to modern-day office tools.

Monterey BBS on an Amiga 2000. Logo designed by H7/Divine Stylers. via koney-scanlines

Monterey BBS on an Amiga Logo designed by Stylers. via koney-scanlines

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Notebook or Desktop Computer – Which Should You Choose?