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Werifesteria [Old English] ~ (v.) to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery. Oh, I've done this so many times before!

Words of human-ness and non human-ness

Words of human-ness and non human-ness This could make a good name for an unpredictable character--or an ironically tame one, always doing what they're supposed to do only for them to be spontaneous when it matters most--a bit like Neville Longbottom

Loves the woods!

Nemophilist: Haunter of the woods; one who loves the forest and its beauty & solitude



Querencia - a place from which ones strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self

Does it start with looking at someone you thought understood there is strength in gentleness?  Reassurance in never giving up which builds trust without throwing your hands up at every disagreement?  Do you know what it is to give yourself to another completely without fear?

Alexithymia - inability to describe emotions verbally - You need to be able to feel the emotions first. You can't describe it if you are suppressing the emotion.

Only real place I can think of is in the LDS temple.  I have lots of imaginary places though.

Word: querencia a place where one feels safe, one from which one's strength of charachter is drawn.

Today's #WordWednesday is flavescent! Are the leaves flavescent near you?⠀

Today's #WordWednesday is flavescent! Are the leaves flavescent near you?⠀


Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

A lignment with the source of all energy that keeps the planets aligned, the earth rotating and the sun rising every day is the key to mani.