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It doesn't matter if it was a relationship or a friendship.  When it ends, your heart breaks.

This is so true. A friendship ending is no less painful. It doesn't matter if it was a relationship or a friendship. When it ends, your heart breaks.

Working on it.

Ive had people I never thought would leave, walk out of my life like I was nothing to them. so I am done chasing people and fighting for them. If you wanna leave I'll hold the door wide open for you.

This is me

Fun Psychology facts here! I ignore when you hurt me in a way I didn't think you would. People say the care for you and love you but turns out are the ones causing the pain

Words to think by...

Moving On Quotes : 1 of the most valuable lessons my mom ever taught me, and I hope I never forget. - Hall Of Quotes

One and only

you say all woman want too much? in my defense, i only wanted exactly what…

The life of an introvert - Introverts heal and energize from alone time. Embrace solitude and often avoid contact with other people, even if they possess good social skills. Socializing quickly drains their energy, requiring more alone time to rejuvenate them.

They say it's not personal but truth is it is but we hurt we hide our feelings thoughts etc. Deep down its a whole other world that I just simply can't explain to anyone because truth is it is personal and I do hurt

Sad today and con not explain the deepest grief..waiting for court results is an endless nightmare

Sometimes I get so sad. So sad in fact that I completely shut down. I stare blankly at the wall and it doesn't matter what you say to me because in that moment I don't exist. -

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We refuse to see how bad something is until it completely destroys us

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Alright, I'm done with the inspirational quotes for now. This one is too true.

people cry not because they`re weak

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I've lost all these people lately. And with them I lost me, too. My heart was just breaking day by day until I lost the last one I was afraid to lose, but it's my fault. I lost it, I lost myself.

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The Strongest Among Us Are The Ones Who Smile Through Silent Pain?ref=pinp nn Sometimes the strongest among us are the ones who smile through silent pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody knows about. Mentally strong people have healthy h

Sometimes I wish I didn't care. Some days you just don't want to care, and say F*ck it...Obviously no one else cares about you or your about hurting your feelings!!!

This is so true it hurts. I try so hard to hide all of my emotions and be happy all the time when my heart is breaking and slowly killing me. I try to be strong for everyone that I love even if I am crying myself to sleep.

When I get blood drawn...

Sadness is the part of life. Many of us face many problems in our daily life. We become sad due to different factors in our life. Some give up, but sadness is part of our life. The strongest perso…

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