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this is truly the perfect saying.<3

Truthfully I could talk about you all day and all night and I'd still have a million more things to say. But too many words become meaningless, so I'll just leave it at you're the most wonderful person I've ever met, and I can't imagine not

tripped hard

I actually fell for you before I even realized it. But you love her not me. I need to except you are only my best frrinx nothing else will ever happen with us. But I love you

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Oh my beautiful amazingly wonderful awesome sweetheart, my love of my life, my eternal soul mate, my true companion, my EVERYTHING

Yep, pretty much

True for me. This guy in one of my classes likes me his friend told me and ever since then I liked him.I know he likes me and my friend told him that i like him. I cant wait to go to school to see him!

I swear that when our lips touch I can taste the next sixty years of my life.

I swear that when our lips touch, I can taste the next sixty years of my life. / I've never experienced this, but this quote just makes me sigh in a good way.