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Early 12th C jeu de tables board, 60x45cm. Wood with bone inlay. We do not know the rules or how play progressed, but we do know that, like in backgammon, the game was played with dice and fifteen black and fifteen white game pieces. In the Middle Ages, jeu de tables was a parlor game in which calculation and strategy played a large part. Knowing how to play was part of the education of a cultivated person. Saint Denis 18.374.36

Denis backgammon table, early 12 c. Bone veneer on wooden support. 60 cm x 24 cm. This object was discovered broken in a rubbish pit in the Basilica section of St-Denis.

Two Women, One Muslim, One Christian | 13th century Spain

Illumination from the Castilian manuscript "Libro de los Juegos" (Book of Games), or "Libro de acedrex, dados e tablas" (Book of Chess, Dice and Boards), commissioned by Alfonso X of Castile.

Detail from "The Rutland Psalter", medieval (c1260), British Library Add MS 62925. f 79r

Psalter, Use of Sarum ('The Rutland Psalter') Date c 1260 Add MS 62925 Folio


A fairly common motif of a couple playing board games, sitting on turf benches.

heartandbone:    “Such as I was you are, and such as I am you will be. Wealth, honor and power are of no value at the hour of your death.”

Miniature of the Three Living and the Three Dead, with the Anglo-Norman poem 'Le dit des trios morts et trios vifs' below, from the De Lisle Psalter, England (East Anglia), c. 1308 – c. Arundel MS f.

phylactere medieval - Buscar con Google

Charter - Arts: The only arts that our brothers shall partake in will be the chanting in prayer and singing in worship. Monks may partake in scribe work to glorify God's word in print. No other artistic expressionism of self is tolerated.