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Tinos is special amongst Greeks for the Church of Panagia Evangelistria, its 80 or so windmills, about 1000 artistic dovecotes, 50 active villages and its Venetian fortifications at the mountain of Exobourgo. On Tinos, both Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic populations co-exist, and the island is also reputed for its famous sculptors and painters, such as Nicholaos Gysis and Yannoulis Chalepas.

Tinos is located in the Cyclades archipelago. Every year Tinos is the center of a pilgrimage that takes place on the date of the Dormition of Virgin Mary (August

Corfu, Greece. This is my most sought after place to visit or live :))...don't blame you..it's beautiful!!

Greek Orthodox Convent of Vlachernas, Kanoni, Peninsula, Corfu Greek Ionian Islands. Corfu is a stop on my upcoming cruise.

Pigeon House, Triandaros, Tinos Island Greece

Pigeon House, Triandaros, Tinos Island Greece

Pyrgos on Tinos Island, village of marble

Ferries to Tinos, Tinos Travel Guide - Areas

✨ Traditional dovecote in Tinos island  ☺  ✨

✨ Traditional dovecote in Tinos island ☺ ✨

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