Eeto species ref vol1 by on @DeviantArt

EDIT The species sheet is little outdated, please ask me directly if something remains unclear. Changes to be applied: *Wings aren't super rare tr. Eeto species ref

Eyapi - Species Guide by on @DeviantArt

Finally made a proper species guide for them. Will be updated soon with new the new elements part) Eyapi - Species infoOverview The Eyapi is a small creature tha.

Blikkim Reference 2014 by Urnam-BOT

Ocean and mountain blikkims: The Blikkish Alphabet: Planet Blik: This is an OPEN species, so you can make one if you wish and a backstory and whatnot.

Razzmaw species ref (outated but still relevant) by on @DeviantArt

(This is a closed species, meaning you can't make your own without my approval. You can get one through auctions, contests, raffles, or by commissioning. Razzmaw species ref (outated but still relevant)

Skywalker Species Guide by silent-umbra on DeviantArt<< these are really cool to bad theyre a closed species

Dragon Creation -Fay- by on @DeviantArt

1 of 3 rarity charts for dragon creation. Fay Dragon Forms Fay dragons are the smallest dragon species.

TLoS Style Tutorial by DragonOfIceAndFire

The legend of spyro series was my favorite thing as a larvae, so here's how to draw in that style. I always loved how they designed the dragons in these games, with just the right balance of functionality and flare.