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Green Eyed Boy from Brazil by David_Lazar. Taken in Sao Paulo, a boy with face paint poses among some leaves for a portrait to feature his bright green eyes

Girl at the temple. Amritsar, India by Dennis Read.I think that one of the most beautiful colour combinations is dark skin with green eyes.

'More than a face' by Francisco Cribari

More Than A Face - Brazil - Miscegenation, a multiracial people . is what makes us a happy people!

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Indian girl with green eyes (© Mirjam Letsch Photography) . I normally do not enjoy makeup on a child, but I realize it is a cultural difference, and this is a lovely portrait.

Not a Republikkkan.

Kurdskye (kurdish) lady in the national clothing & jewelry - this is actually not a Kurdish woman at all - her name is Jenn & she is a tribal bellydancer living in CA. It is still a beautiful picture though.

Mary in The Secret Garden

The bible talks of the new children on the planet with new dna, with large beautiful eyes and a wise soul to address our wrong path!