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This is Brownpine. He came form shadowclan his mate is Foxplet but she died and he doesn't talk much but wishes for his son to get over it. He is nice and tries to be as fair as he can.

What a creepy-looking cat Havana Brown Facts and Havana Brown Information Featuring the .

Magnifique !

Scrappy Born a Black Cat Now Turning White due to Vitiligo - Love Meow. A cookies and creme cat!

Хранитель северных лесов.  Norwegian forest cat

fuzzybumblrbee: “ (via Tuesday’s Best: Meet The Glorious Guardian Of The Nordic Forests! ViralSpell) ”Tap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline f

This cat has gorgeous markings!

This Is Scrappy And He Is Really That Color. Scrappy Was Born In 1997 As A Black Cat And Only A Few Years Ago He Started Turning White (Maybe Vitiligo) And Has Ended Up With This Extraordinary Pattern. He Is Absolutely Beautiful.

Long Haired Cat Breeds

20+ Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds

Somali cat, aka the long-haired Abyssinian. Don't let it outside, it may be mistaken for a fox!

10 cats with awesome markings

10 Cats That Got Famous For Their Awesome Fur Markings

10 Cats That Got Famous For Their Awesome Fur Markings I love Top hat cat awww

2cscfug.jpg 355�565 pixels How so alien looking these cats are!! This one looks sweet, long and lean.

Caring For Cats and How To Take Care Of Cats With Love And Attention.

How so alien looking these sphynx cats are! This one looks sweet, long and lean.

I wish I could find an oriental cat. Their faces are so lovely.

Oriental Shorthair - This breed is closely related to the Siamese cat. They have a wedge-shaped head with large ears closer to the sides than the tops of their heads. With their sleek build, these cats are very athletic and great at jumping.

gal pals in the streets, homo in the sheets

27 Before And After Cat Photos That Prove They’re Always Kittens At Heart

Supposedly all-white cats with blue eyes are deaf. Hopefully this pretty one beat the genetics. <<<<< I don't think it's ALL white blue-eyed cats. I think that blue eyed cats with white fur are more likely to be deaf.

Longest Fur on a Cat won Guinness World Record

Longest Fur on a Cat won Guinness World Record. How about a record for terrifying kitty?

Wow. This guy is a Maine coon but he looks like a cross between a lynx and and black jaguar or something. Majestic.

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Shedoros Maine Coon Cattery Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat // reminds me of Ozymandias' cats in The Watchmen.