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This German shepherd that will be the best kind of pillow to nap on. 27 Dogs That Will Do Anything For Kids

Tap for that 40% OFF or more SHIRE FIRE SALE!!!! :-) Lots of Kitty love for everyone!! Plus, FREE shipping worldwide!!! - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Damn alarm clocks Nah, cats don't need to get up early for work as they have SLAVES to do that task for them !

Meowy rest on Woofy after pampering her ... so endearing this pair... Yes Meowy hug fill with warm and cares, woofy sleep soundly then with his arm.

23 New Friendships That Will Last Forever

This guy who made a huge mistake and doesn't even care, it was so glorious.

27 Dogs Who Just Can't Handle Spring

I like to play ball while the grass is being cut- Love the green paws!

These lil Piggies went wewewe all the way home - petite porkers

These lil Piggies went wewewe all the way home - petite porkers


Cat and Kitten chilling in the sink! Reminds me of Tia always hanging out in the bathroom sink.

Pastured Piggy

So I last introduced you to Gretchen, my daughters newly adopted cat. You see my daughter will start vet school this fall so I am obviousl.

Bahahaaaa!!!! This dog goes perfectly with the saying!!! Look at those cute buggy eyes!!! Lol

A very happy pug mother surrounded by her newborn pups. Pugs and puppies, two of my favorite things!