theballetblog: The Geometry of DanceWilliam Forsythe’s methods of choreography are strikingly algorithmic and give rise to a style of movement and interaction that is distinctively his own

Shut up! free body diagram of a ballerina Even something as simple as standing in a ballet position takes a lot of work and engaged muscles.

The Perfect Fit: Alexandra Kochis' Pointe Shoe Process | Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

'The Perfect Fit': Alexandra Kochis' pointe shoe process - Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Ballet positions! How many do you know?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

3 Factors To Consider Before Enrolling In Class

Stay healthy dancers --  Infographic: preventing dance injuries. 2014. (Santita Dwi Putri)

(Santita Dwi Putri) if i listened to this my fractured foot would have actually healed.

Posiciones de Ballet

Posiciones de Ballet

Ballet body positions can be tricky and confusing.  Look at where the dancer is facing.   #Ecarte/open #Efface/shadow #Croise/crossed

Like Mom and Apple Pie: Little girls bathroom- Free vintage ballerina poster printables

From Plies to Pirouettes: Understanding Turnout: Anatomical Tips to Success

Great for Dancers- Understanding Turnout: Anatomical Tips to Success.


The Santa Monica, California based dance instructor/choreographer, known as The Dance Doctor, believes everyone has the ability to dance, and he and his team can lead the way.