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this picture of cole sprouse playing on a nintendo while he smokes & cries off his makeup is very important to me.

cole sprouse smoking a cigarette while playing nintendo and crying his makeup off. Cole sprouse wjat even ARE u, my dude

"Am I cool now babe?" "No. It made you look hotter and..." "And what?" "More like Leonardo Dicaprio" "Babe..."

Cole M. Sprouse on

Cole Sprouse “Support the local upstart cigarette companies and smoke! Your president does it so how bad could it really be?

Milo fait un "prince" très intéressant, il regroupe la culture de Belle, la maladresse de Jeanne, et la valeur de l'honneur comme Pocahontas. Sans compter qu'il ne possède pas un physique de combattant, mais juste un charme qui le rends terriblement attachant. Un héros parfait qui s'interesse plutôt a la princesse de son monde de rêve plutôt qu'a la version blonde méchante de Lara croft ou de Melle Rose. Cole Sprouse ♡ oh my Lord // @starrybeauty

Cole Sprouse dressed as Milo Thatch from Atlantis Between seeing a wicked Ursula costume and this amazing Atlantis costume, I think we all NEED to step up our Halloween game.

Cole sprouse

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