And she probably could’ve been an even better student than she was. | 21 Hilarious "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Realize Some...

And she probably could've been an even better student than she was.

This is how I'd picture it happening.

Moony would like to congratulate these fellow pranksters and wish them all the best on their future endeavours with the map

Harry becoming that influential in the Wizengamot would be terrifying indeed

Huh. Well, Snape got another point. He could need them, so good for him.

Snape the Potions Master. A headcanon about Snape that doesn't make me want to tear my hair out!


This is literally the ONLY thing I have found about the Slytherin students being shut up in their dorms during the Battle of Hogwarts that I absolutely LOVE. Like, seriously this had me in tears of house Pride.