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Mississippi Sisters

Mississippi Sisters

Clocks...y el tiempo de pronto se detuvo...

The Complete Guide To Your Insane Working Hours

embalagens |

embalagens |

Lovely assortment of string.

A palette of brown yarns, string, cord and rope. Bowerbird by Sibella Court Photography Chris Court.

Ooooh next years Christmas Wrap Theme...

Vintage lace and doilies look like intricate snowflakes against this simple kraft paper wrapping. The vintage button and ribbon are a beautiful added touch. Paper doilies would probably work just as well.

Baseado numa historia verídica.

Pile of suitcases found at the Dongtai Lu Antique Market in Shanghai where bargains abound and a buck goes a long way.

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Midori has been a leading stationery brand in Japan since Their collection of kraft envelopes brings back a bit of nostalgia. Six envelopes in a string & button box. Made in Thailand.

NINE + SIXTEEN: How to Make Cute Packaging Labels | Step by Step Video Tutorial

wedding favor - use personalized stamp on brown paper, screw mason jar top over paper.