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How to make a perfectly level cake! Amazing! Fool Proof.

baked in flat, even layers (thanks so the wet towel/cake diaper trick) and they all baked in exactly 50 minutes, no matter which pan size. Even the big baked evenly all the way to the middle without a heating core or anything.

5 Genius Baking Hacks

These 5 Genius Baking Hacks Are Gonna Change Your Life

Want to learn how to make a basic vanilla cake? If you’re looking for a dessert that is fluffy, buttery, and packed with delicious flavor, you’ll love our recipe. And you don’t want to miss our bonus guide to basic cake baking tips and tricks. Whether you’re making round layers or cupcakes, you will definitely use this basic batter over and over again. Get it now on Foodal.

Basic Cake Baking 101: Tips and Tricks to Help You Bake Like a Pro

You’re already an expert at eating it, but what about making it? Read our informative tutorial for everything you need to know about the basics of baking cakes. You’ll learn how to properly mix the batter, how to grease pans to prevent sticking

The pro-way to ice a cake

Order a Cake from a Local Bakery

Pro Tip: How to Base Ice a Cake. Use a plastic scraper to smooth in one motion all the way around the cake without stopping. That& give your cake a great finish.