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The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men 2015

One of the most popular hair lengths for men is the medium length hair. This is because medium length hair are extremely versatile and you can style them to

If you are one of those guys who doesn’t have the answer to what to wear on New Year's Eve then read on and bid adieu to your confusion.

What to Wear On A New Year's Eve?

Longer shirts are the best and I always enjoy something to cover the backside of my person, no one needs to see your underwear man.

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75 Best Mens Summer Casual Shorts Outfit that You Must Try - Fashion Best

This is the cut.

When you want to get new look between short and long hair? You can check out these popular medium length hairstyles for men. Your medium hair was so

lumberjack style: Moda de verano excelente corte para un caballero de alto rango lo cual quiere estar a la altura de la moda un taanto retro, con su barba tupida de 2 meses. Como podemos observar su corte de cabello va hacia el lado izquierdo cortado con tijera para corte lizo, pasando alrededor de su cabeza la maquina numero 2y1/2 (Dos y medio)

Lumbersexual, a portmanteau of “lumberjack” and “metrosexual,” is a neologism used to describe attractive and fashionable men who maintain a rugged appearance with nicely groomed beards.

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Men Black - Cool style for winter and summar - 2018 casual menwear with Chibuntu silver bracelet - Sterling Silver