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It's not all about you.

Oh yes, some women/MEN just don't get it. It's not all about you, and your shoes. OR-if you are the MAN. It's not ALL about YOU and taking everything the woman gives because she loves you and never refilling her love tank!

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Once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.yeah this is SOOOOOOO true and such a childish thing.

They even will say that you said things just as a way to keep you from someone who.makes you happier than they did.

There is no coparenting with a narcisstic ex, there is only chaos. After a year long court battle I lost full physical custody of my little girl to her narcisstic father. Even though I had a stack .


It's funny how when you start to learn more about your government the crazier people seem to think you are. Apparently I need to find the right people to talk to about my government.

1) Psychological lying 2) Fits of rage and  3) Completely self centered **cough, cough** SHERLOCK **cough, cough**

There are three main things that define the sociopath; the pathological lying, fits of rage, and being completely self-centered (selfish, spoiled).

Truth. You can be "mom of the year" to your followers, but the people who know...even your kids...know you're a deadbeat.

You can try to convince yourself that what you think to be fact is indeed true, but believe me, your "facts" are only true in your mind. you couldn't be farther from the truth. Who are you trying to convince anyway!

Never apologize for standing up for yourself. For speaking the truth, for saying…

"I can’t control your behavior; nor do I want that burden… but I will not apologize for refusing to be disrespected, to be lied to, or to be mistreated. I have standards; step up or step out." - Steve Maraboli WELL SAID.

(s)he #narcissisticmother #narcissisticparent #narcissisticfather

This is clearly a description of my ex-husband. I'm so glad I left when I did. Yes so true. Neglected in almost every way possible in this so called relationship.

Make the most out of it!

The media thinks about time---The media and pop culture put a big emphasis on taking risks and being rebellious, especially aimed at teens. Yolo, right? Because what have you got to lose?

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In an article in The Guardian, Julie Burchill described the burqa as a "hideous mobile prison". Other feminists have more progressive views. Woodhead suggests it can be example of religious feminism (women using religion to support their liberation).