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These two little pugs are adorable. pp: I love this picture! My brother has two pugs and one of them looked just like the one in this picture.

Squish! Not good for your dog's face, and not good for your boobs. Just saying. -linda the bra lady

I cannot stop laughing! The only time wrinkles are cute are when they are pug wrinkles!

It's Scarlett O'Hara in her drapery dress!  "Oh, Rhett!  Whatever shall I do?  Wherever shall I go??"

He Knows How To Be Fancy

I find it amazing as a pug owner myself what we will do to get our pug laugh. I dress my pugs too.

Who can come up with the best caption?!  #saint Bernard #baby

This kid has the right idea with this St Bernard pup. Yes that is a pup! St Bernards can grow a lot bigger and this baby has an animal that he can ride through the school gates into playgrounds battles when he gets older.