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I'm repinning this because, thanks to my biology teacher, I understand this joke.

Funny pictures about The way Genetics works. Oh, and cool pics about The way Genetics works. Also, The way Genetics works.

No Punnett square necessary.

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Funny pictures about How genetics works. Oh, and cool pics about How genetics works. Also, How genetics works photos.

The scientific method in science memes. Schools take note, this is a better way to teach it.

Post with 54 votes and 6241 views. First day as grade science teacher on Monday. I'm teaching the Scientific Method with these steps:


Germ biology research joke poster

Why did the germ cross the microscope? To get to the other slide! Corny jokes are great :)

stop<< I saw this in science class and my whole class was done

Well played, sir…well played (21 photos)

What's the matter Bill? Everything, everything is matter. Except energy of course

Medical Humor. Is it bad that I not only got the joke but snorted I laughed so hard? No? I didn't think so either.

Not to me but funny thing I heard.Best thing anybody has ever said to get me to kiss them. "there are only two ways to release dopamine.and i don't have any drugs" hehe psychology joke ;

Hahaha oh math jokes! This is too funny!!!!!

Meet my new friend

Hahaha oh math jokes! This is too funny! Btw the square root of is an imaginary number.

I am so going to do this to my white board during Finals Week!

Funny pictures about Finals week prayer. Oh, and cool pics about Finals week prayer. Also, Finals week prayer.