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Αίσωπος, ο μυστηριώδης παραμυθάς που καταδικάστηκε σε θάνατο από το Μαντείο ... - Εναλλακτική Σκέψη - Ancient Greece Reloaded - Community

Fifteenth Century - Heavenly Craft: The Woodcut in Early Printed Book

Rare Historical Art

St Maria Magdalene Announcing the Resurrection to the Apostles. St Albans Psalter Good example of pre-perspective

A handbook of ornament;

A handbook of ornament

Page of Albert Einstein's notebook.

Last week the Hebrew University of Jerusalem relaunched their website now hosting all archived Einstein documents, available to the public for the first time.

Imagen insertada

warning against false coins from Netherlands (Bodl from

Pietro Crinito De honesta disciplina Paris 1511

Pietro Crinito De honesta disciplina Paris 1511