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Lord of the Rings Gauntlet Of Sauron

Lord of the Rings Gauntlet Of Sauron

Offically licensed Lord of the Rings Gauntlet Of Sauron with display plaque

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I LOVE THIS! Sooooo gonna make this for LARP/Cosplay outfit :) Super Hero shirts, Gadgets & Accessories, Leggings, lovers armor diy

jetpack - Buscar con Google

The Antigravity pack is a propulsion equipment used by Elite Rangers and the Heretics to.

project 1-witch king of angmar gauntlets - Google Search

project 1-witch king of angmar gauntlets - Google Search

bear paw armor (cuprum arm guard). indo persian islamic empire dynasty.

Original Bear Paw Armour - Polish hussar vambrace (arm guards) in Indo Persian Islamic Empire Dynasty style, Cuprum Arm Guard.

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The only thing that I've always wondered is how in the world Sauron managed to the get the Ring over the joint guards on his gauntlet. I guess he's just a ninja like that.

Kraken themed coldcast fibreglass body armour with leather scale skirts and fur trim.

Kraken armour by malcairion breastplate armor equipment gear magic item

Dark Recreation of the Witch-king’s props and costume!

shoulder pad from tire - Google keresés

Wasteland Champion Tire Armor by swanboy. I imagine a tire would actually absorb a lot of force from blunt instruments. (It also blocks a lot of cutting weapons, it just needs a bit of padding underneath it)