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Muy guapos

"Protective Custody” by Ashley Vincent. Leaf Monkey - Red-Shanked Douc Langurs are native to Southeast Asia, most notably parts of Southern China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Watching People

The Thinking Gorilla "á la Rodin" by sergei gladyshev ( Legault LEGO

Pegando piolho

mom, my little hairs!-A week-old monkey makes its delight known as its mum gives it a grooming head massage. The young Japanese macaque sheltered close to its caring mum as she helped keep it clean at Jigokudani Hot Springs in Nagano Prefecture, Japan


Mummy Orangatang and baby---Awwww that looks like Columba

The Son of The Boss by Willem Verboom

(via / The Son of The Boss by Willem Verboom) Mandrill found on llbwwb…


Chicago Zoological Society shows a newborn female Bornean orangutan curled up with her mother