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Chocolate Cinnamon Swirl Challah and How to Braid a or Challah, or Any Type of Braided Loaves!

5 Ways to Braid Challah Bread

5 Ways to Braid Challah Bread (and a

Here are 5 simple ways to braid challah bread and a challah bread recipe. All braids using one or two strands (no crazy six strand braiding).


If you thought watermelon bread was delicious, prepare your tastebuds for leopard milk bread! That’s right, a French baker by the name of Patricia Nascimento who lives in southern Portugal has finally shared the secret to this long-lost treat.

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Braided Nutella Bread - It is a beautiful sweet bread perfect for the holidays. Let most breads, it will take time and patience. But rewardi...

Braided Nutella Bread - The source for this pin had no recipe, so I linked it to gluten free on a shoestring's braided nutella recipe. (Use homemade nutella to make soy free. A good homemade nutella recipe

Anise Bread/Braid - Brioche dough modified to make this beautiful anise flavored rich, sweet bread.

I grew up eating quite a few delicacies from Iyengar Bakery in my teens. One of the favorites is the 'Om Biscuit' as it was called which ar.

Rosh Hashana ideas

How-To: Braid A Round Challah For Rosh Hashanah

I'm not Jewish but. Here it is dear readers at long last, a tutorial on how to braid gorgeous round challah loaves, just in time for Rosh HaShana! We have the custom to eat round loaves on Rosh HaShana to symbolize the continuity of.