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I would like to say this would work for me.

"You know how people buy drinks for girls in bars? Why can’t people do that in book stores? … " This would totally work, don't you think?

Colin Firth #reading #books

Colin Firth on reading (I feel exactly the same way!) This man understand me! Love this man

don't underestimate our fandom in October. Can't wait for Blood of Olympus. ------>SO TRUE!

Yeah this happened when i read Unhinged by A.G. Howard!! Cant wait for ensnared

It's a terrible feeling , it happened in the mark of Athena I thought there were more pages but it turned out to be a STUPID GLOSSARY<<<<<< I KNOW RIGHT! Fall for every time!

There is nothing better than getting  lost in a world of fiction. It may be my favorite thing.

The Magic of Books…notice that these are all tv shows or movies, I kinda find it ironic and funny

The love of reading.

Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~percy Jackson Harry potter THG the mortal instruments the infernal devices

One does not simply stop.  Tou just buy another bookshelf...

One does not simply. - Boromir Meme - Give your friends a smile and share this.

Why,Thank you! (Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Hunger Games again,Star wars? , and Percy Jackson)

Thank you so much for not using the movie Annabeth ! (Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Hunger Games again, star wars, and Percy Jackson)

All book lovers will understand

How books work. So true! i am having a book hangover right now and it is very hard. See i read a book and i loved and then read another and ended up liking that one too so now i have a multiple book hangover.

Me with the first Hunger Games book not gonna lie

Did anyone else feel like this while reading the Matched trilogy?<--- we all felt like that while reading the matched trilogy