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IERSE DOEDELZAK Uilleann Pipes - In de Franse barok treft men muziekstukken aan die musette heten (Louis XIV en XV). In die tijd is de musette, evenals de draailier, bijzonder populair. Daarna vervalt de doedelzak terug tot de oude status van bedelinstrument. De Ierse uilleann pipes is een voortzetting van de met de Franse musette in gang gezette vernieuwing van repertoire en instrumentarium

Uilleann Pipes - such a lovely sounding instrument. I heard them played live at River Dance years ago.

Here's another pretty stamp, dated 2001, with an Irish Uilleann pipe. We particularly like the depiction of the piper as both a young person and a woman - this would have been pretty much unheard of not so long ago, but now reflects (and encourages) the ongoing revival of this fabulous instrument. (from Ireland)

This stamp is dated and in it we can see an Irish Uilleann pipe (therefore this stamp is from ireland).

Ireland 1980 Traditional Music and Dance, Scott 481.  The musician is playing the uilleann pipes, a form of bagpipe that is kept inflated with air, but by using a sort of bellows attached to one arm instead of blowing through a mouthpiece.

Stamp Stamps Eire Ireland 1980 Traditional Music and Dance SG 467 Fine Mint Scott 481

Marc van Daal pipemaker  uilleann pipes

Marc van Daal pipemaker uilleann pipes

Ireland 1980 Traditional Musicians With Bodhran, Pipes, & Dancer

Ireland 1980 Traditional Musicians With Bodhran, Pipes, Dancer

Magical Sound Flute, you don't see these in your typical musical instrument kit and they are a lot of fun! #oompatoys #haba

Magical Sound Flute - I think Aria would love this! Anything that makes a non-annoying, real musical noise is awesome!

Into any type of Brass Instrument

Sophie Wilson//Design Context: Image//Type as Image//Brass Rubbing//Brass Images.

useful clarinet blog. Not as useful as I had hoped.

The Curious Clarinetist: Gorgeous Photos of the Backun and MoBa Clarinets

Jazzophone. Classical Music.

The Jazzophon is an almost forgotten instrument. Jazzophons were built between 1925 and 1930 in the shape of a saxophone with a double cup. One cup sounds like an ordinary trumpet, the other like a muted trumpet.

Tarang/ तरंग Indian Instruments: Hansa Vina

TARANG offers the whole range of Indian stringed Instruments. In addition to the big variety of Sitars, Tanpuras and bowed instruments, TARANG offers Santur, Mohan Vina and Swarmandal in excellent quality.

..folk instruments...

antique and early century home made folk art primitive instruments via lost found art

Tarang Indian Instruments: Hemen Sarod

TARANG offers excellent Sarod qualities, from a beginner's model up to the highly professional Hemen model. The Sarod is a lute with fretless metal fingerboard and the sound it produces is unique.

‘And they've enhanced the music. It’s Turkish, of course. It seems it’s being played on a kaval—’ ‘A what?’ I asked. ‘A kaval. A wind instrument, like a flute apparently – seven holes on top and one underneath; they’re the melody keys. It’s a folk thing. The story is that shepherds would use it to lead their flock.’ #iampilgrim #thisisthebook

Kaval (Кавал)

Second, the Greek work psallo, “to psalm” or “to make melody Fourth, the Jewish synagogue. In synagogues no music

African Woven Straw Maraca Shakers

Two African Woven Straw Maraca Shakers

Two African Woven Straw Maraca Shakers - Basket Handmade in Africa - Swahili Modern - 1