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Darren Tan. Fight Teutons in the forest.

Some concept/promo artwork I did for a little indie game called "Of Kings And Men", a persistent world Medieval combat game.

Dacian Noble Warriors attack Roman Cavalrymen c. AD 101.

Les superbes concept art de batailles de Mariusz Kozik

ArtStation - Caesar in Gaul, Mariusz Kozik

Promotional key artwork& loading screen prepared for Total War:Rome Caesar in Gaul Campaign Pack

Mariusz Kozik est un artiste Polonais ayant plus de 25 ans d’expérience. Il…

Les superbes concept art de batailles de Mariusz Kozik

Art by wraithdt - Hammers are excellent weapons in close combat, giving both the power that melee fighters prize as well as a chance at stun damage

I had a very rewarding experience working on this piece as I got the opportunity to work with a renown expert on the Battle of Agincourt, Tobias Capwell. I'm a big medieval history buff and getting to work with Tobias was a real eye opener.

5 распространенных заблуждений о средневековых рыцарях

Middle Ages: the middle period of the three traditional divisions of Western history: Antiquity, Medieval period, and Modern period.

Римский гастат, III век до н.э.

A Roman Hastatus, BC. He wears a Montefortino helmet and pectoral armour.

Legion, Legionnaires, The Roman Empire

Roman Legion arrayed for battle against the Gallic barbarians from the movie "Gladiator".