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"I have never actually had a plan for my career at all. When I was writing that column, it was very satirical of the comics industry and made fun of all the most powerful players… if I’d been hoping to find a way to break in, that would have been possibly the worst imaginable way to do it. And it followed the Women In Refrigerators site I spearheaded, which I’m sure made me even less popular in some quarters." --Gail Simone

ashley-de-riveter: “ gailsimone: “ comicblah: “ This is a pretty cool Red Sonja cover by Jenny Frison! Jenny Frison for the WIN. ” jenny frison you badass you.

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Red Sonja Vol 5 Cover B Variant Amy Reeder Cover - Midtown Comics

– Howard Chaykin Red Sonja

– Howard Chaykin Red Sonja