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Illustration | Michael Broussard Art

Commision I did of Hellboy and Abe. Pencils: Michael Broussard Here are the colors: Characters belong to ©Dark Horse. Hellboy and Abe Sapien Commision

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Adam Hughes - Wonder Woman Cover Preliminary Drawing Original Art (DC, Fan favorite and modern - Available at 2005 August Comic Auction

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Mina & Hyde: Adam Hughes

Jim Lee - John Carter of Mars: Dejah Thoris Art

Dejah Thoris by Jim Lee, in Brian Tidwell's Jim Lee Comic Art Gallery Room - 869860

EvilDead Monkeyman and O'brien, in Steven Huie's Arthur Adams Comic Art Gallery Room - 1298981

EvilDead Monkeyman and O'brien, in Steven Huie's Arthur Adams Comic Art Gallery Room - 1298981

Jean Grey / Phoenix by Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes She-Hulk Megacon Storm con sketch Megacon Jean Grey con sketch MegaCon 2003 Spidey MJ Scarlet Witch Wasp Wanda and Janet AH! White Queen sketch Spidey’s Secret !

Adam Hugues

The Wicked Witch by Adam Hughes for Emerald City Comicon Read More: Best Art…