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before I die, I'd like to ... read every book I own. • #bucketlist #beforeIdie

Pretty much done, with the exception of a few stragglers. I don't usually buy books I don't plan to read.

Have my father walk me down the isle.

When my dad died, I thought he won't be able to walk me down the aisle, but I honored if my step dad would do me the honors of walking me down the aisle. That is what my dad would want. I love you daddy!

bucket list.

I never got to dance with my daddy at my wedding. I don't remember ever dancing with him because he was sick my whole life. But in my dreams.in my dreams he danced at my wedding, oh how we dance.

Ergens in de zomer ;)

25 Girl names that give you a leg up in life

Food Fight!!!! I have a couple ideas as to who would start this.....

I used to have those french fries at lunch in elementary school. My friends and I always dreamed of having a food fight with them :)

before i die.

Find out how many balloons it takes to lift myself off the ground - I found this out in school! It takes veeeeery much balloons to lift myself off the ground.