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Bill Gates about the Greek Language

The Greek language has the best mathematical structure and it will be used for new generation of most sophisticated computers, because only in Greek language there are no limits. _Bill Gates Η.

Please do baby)

Would you like proof from my fathers side ((: she's puerto rican too, might I ad. Keep my daughters name out of your mouth, psycho bitch. Trust me, it WILL bite you in the ass.

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Greek humor....you know you are Greek when you have been told either one of these 4 phrases. What memories....

Has Yiayia ever threatened you with a koutala? Bring back those childhood memories with authentic wooden spoon engraved with phrases that Yiayia said.

You know you're Greek when you speak loudly and laugh even louder.

We only know 3 things. There's no such thing as a soft-spoken Greek.

The reason we never tell Americans what it's made of...

The reason we never tell Americans what it's made of.