Lesvos,Panagia tis Petras=(Church) ... Madonna of Petra..(Petra=stone or rock in English)...(by Sylvietsak)

Photo of Lesvos,Panagia tis Petras=(Church) . Madonna of Petra.(Petra=stone or rock in English).(by Sylvietsak)

Mithymna - Mithymna, Lesvos

This photo from Lesvos, North Aegean is titled 'Mithymna'.

Panagia Glykofiloussa, Petra, Lesbos Island, Greece - photo by Dimitris Tilis

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MOLYVOS, LESVOS.... The village with the most beautiful streets of the country. Every turn and a new painting! ... Το χωριό με τα ωραιότερα σοκάκια της χώρας. Κάθε στροφή και ένας καινούργιος πίνακας ζωγραφικής!

A unique wedding destination in Stage your ideal in this one of its kind Aegean island with

Greece Travel Inspiration - Mitilini (Lesbos) Greece

Mytilini , Lesvos Mytilini is the Capital of Lesvos Island, Greece and of the Prefecture