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But I had a lovely conservation w that potato. such a gentleman . He really played it off how he got an Oscar for his performance!

No wonder i never liked spongebob...

SpongebobWe watched Spongebob today in classthat's awesome! Want to know something about Spongebob?Spongebob=sponge=super absorbent=lives in Bikini BottomYeah so?Spongebob is a tampon.

Sometimes It's the Thought That Counts

33 "I Wasn't That Drunk" Texts From People Who Were Definitely That Drunk

Ownage - JordanDude, you were so drunk last night.I wasn't that drunk!You threw Goldfish crackers at my carpet and yelled, 'SWIM, BITCHES, SWIM!

I wish I had a brother like that

21 Joys Of Being A Girl With An Older Brother. i am a little sad that dont have an older brother.or sister. Oh well i have awesome guy friends who are like brothers!

Epic text - Awesome prank - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-awesome-prank/

Epic text - Awesome prank