Contrast: This photgraph is a wonderful example of contrast. this photo shows two diffrent eliments and puts them together. the black park with the red umbrella in the middle creates a contrast of color creates a visual clarity.

Splash! by Jessica Drossin

Portrait Photography of Children in Fall - Beautiful Fall Photos I like this portrait because this little kid is having a lot of fun splashing in puddles. I like how the picture was taken at the right moment so you get to see the splash of the puddle.

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Helt enkelt | Inredning – Foto – Inspiration

Why Does 'Fall' Have Two Names?

When the leaves turn from green to golden brown, and start to tumble down you know it's autumn now. ~Lily Autumn my favourite season

Narrative Spark: A hint of promise. What is beyond the door that brings hope to your character? (Original photo from Distant Passion  - http://distantpassion.tumblr.com/post/51228633047/ill-find-the-light)

You want to come into my life, the door is open. You want to get out of my life, the door is open. Just one request, don't stand at the door, you're blocking the traffic.

23 Incredible Umbrella Art Installations

23 Incredible Umbrella Art Installations

Party idea: float colorful umbrellas in the pool. thats if u can afford a pool. cud do those drinks parasols in the fish tank :)


Beautiful flowers hanging from the windowsill and chair in Mallorca , Spain