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Lovely tattoo

Lovely tattoo

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The phoenix symbolizes eternity and rebirth, and the lotus flower represents perfection and overcoming every difficulty. Phoenix rising from the ashes

Love the symbolism of the Lotus Flower, am so getting a tattoo of it

Mom heard the story behind the lotus flower in a silly kdrama but it stuck with her. After that she really loved the lotus flower.

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al2magiclotusflo.jpeg 275×330 pixels  This is not a lotus, it's a lily, but still beautiful

What is the soul? Some say it is the self, the “I” that inhabits the body; without the soul, the body is like a light-bulb with no electricity. But it is more than the engine of life, say others; it is what gives life meaning and purpose. Soul is the.

Watercolor lotus flower tattoo by Banul

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The tree of life connects the ground and our physical existence to the skies and the heavens. It unites all forms of life to mother earth and the universe. It is widely recognised and cited in many faiths and cultures including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hindu and Baha'i - all over the world, uniting all of humanity and the universe as a whole.

Spiritual Yoga Symbols and What They Mean

What is the tree of life? What does the tree of life mean? Where does the tree of life originate? Spiritual Yoga Symbols and What They Mean. Mala Kamala Mala Beads - Boho Malas, Mala Beads, Yoga Jewelry, Meditation Jewelry, Mala Necklaces and Bracelets