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Best Illustrations of 2014

Tristan Eaton is a graffiti artist, street art muralist, illustrator, and toy designer. Born in Los Angeles in Tristan began pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from walls to billboards in the urban landscape.

Tropical Blast – Les fruits explosifs de FOREAL (image)

Tropical Blast – Les fruits explosifs de FOREAL (image)

I chose this because of its unique marriage between photography and digital illustration. Tropical Blast is a self-initiated illustration project focused on mixing different visual styles into a fresh and new form of expression.


Bansky: Conciencia a golpe de graffiti

Shalom Harlow as sexy Disney princess snow white photographed by Francois Nars

╰ ღ ╮ ╭ ღ ╯★ A N O N Y M I S S ★

A fun piece of graphic design. I love the concept of the spaghetti bar code because it is original and whimsical.

I  L O V E  I T Mum.

Les plus belles punchlines des street artists