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Just because I can, here's my opinion: if bias is in a relationship who tf cares? It's not like he even knows who I am anyways and he's a musician, not some virtual boyfriend<<<<I’ll kill a person if they in a relationship with my bias tbh XD

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I love it when he pouts! It's so freaking adorable!!!!~❤

my second favorite version of yoongi, right behind happy yoongi

today was an all around better day because i saw this photo

I'll never stop talking about how heavenly beautiful he looked in this era

we will never know.. xD <--Don't worry! Scientists are researching a way to know what goes on inside the brains of aliens!! We WILL come to know!!!

Scientists are researching a way to know what goes on inside the brains of aliens!<--- hes not an alien

Ok, so true story: My friend and I were video chatting,  me with my iPad and her with her phone. So I was doing something when I heard "Save Me" by BTS playing from the video chat. I look up so fast and I asked her if she had started listening to kpop (like finally, its about time). She starts laughing cause she knows I'm obsessed with kpop. She says no, that it came from a video in instagram. I didn't believe her until she showed me the video. I was so heart broken.

My brother: hey play that Baby song (Exo- call me baby) Me: okay (smirking from the inside) >>well. My brother is always like "what the fuck is this Japanese girls group thing you're always listening to?


When I first got into K-Pop, I loved BIGBANG and despised every other group. Then my friend told me to listen to other groups and she showed me B. Then from that day on I listened to other bands and found BTS. Then the rest is history

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Oh as expected by Taehyung and his mother Baekhyun so freaking embarrassed of his son

haha thats awesome im so going there

I really want to go to Jimin's parents restaurant now!


LOL. Look at this

Wow the only person who will throw confetti before introducing himself