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The After School Show on Arirang, yeeees >w< I want to see them there again owo

That sad moment when your bias has better legs than you | allkpop Meme Center

Dem legggs 😍😂 that moment when u notice that ur bias has better legs than u 😭😂😘

Yes- trying to be a good oppa to 4 sons and a loving eomma is hard.

BTS as chickens!!

BTS as chickens; omg Kookie is golden egg I can't with this fandom XDD

I bet this is Hoseok who caught them sharing Jungkook's nude pics to each other lmfao😂😂😂

Insert any kpop bg instead and it's still the truth

“ BTS is gay cause they wear make up” *i clap then two suited men drags hater away*



Taekook and Vkook shippers passing out happily xD Meme Center

I love how the dancers just collapse on the floor from Jin's kiss...

BTS İle Hayal Et(Taehyung)

I love this kid. I like how I call him kid when he is older than me. He is the definition of adorable.oh and the backup dancers are hot

Jimin hasst sein Leben. Er redet aber mit niemanden darüber und verst… #fanfiction # Fan-Fiction # amreading # books # wattpad

You are not Ugly - Yoonmin

Fo real tho(yes Yeol pun intended and no I dont wanna know about his size rather learn xiudaddy's )