Love the vibrant red of these poppies. You really see the curved, graceful shape of the stems here in this photo. Great lights and shadows.

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Red Photograph by Nailia Schwarz - Red Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Quello che cerchi : Foto

CORN POPPY Flower Coquelicot (kohk-li-koh) is a shade of red. The term was originally a French vernacular name for the wild corn poppy, Papaver rhoeas, which is distinguished by its bright red color, and orange tint. It eventually passed into English usag

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Papaver orientale 'Orange Glow' Poppy-Oriental from Ebert's Greenhouse Village

31 mars 2017 : je désigne Nathalie pour l'activité .

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red black green poppy For Remembrance day. A time to think about the sacrifice and bravery of the fallen.