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slack gif

slack gif

This font reminds me of fire and smoke from a fire. It's almost as if the letter is the fire, and the smoke is the part that is drifting away from the letter! this is just really cool! I found this online #Inspirational

The typography here is bold and dynamic and the bubbled pattern pulling areas of the letter makes them look like there expanding and moving. The hints of colour break up the blackness of the piece creating contrasting and dynamic tones.

Makes you wonder

Makes you wonder

Some illustrations from a pitch done a while back.

custom typography... Ah how I love Adobe Illustrator, one of my oldest friends.

Hand Lettering by seanwes

As a lover of hand lettering - I love this piece of custom typography. The type clearly illustrates the concept and meaning.

Tone As: - -------

Lucinda Hitchcock Typography II RISD A Lecture poster series on the visiting designers Werner Jeker and Yasuhiro Sawada.


Chinese calligraphy and modern type design. Asian typography 24 solar terms typography design by More Tong