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Radical Clock - replace each number with a sticky note whose square root will simplify to the correct number on the clock

Math = Love: A Clock Makeover, Pencil Sharpener Discovery, and Ordered Pair Foldable: Love square root clock

tool/organizer to help your students who are just learning or are struggling with their multiplication facts. Great tool for your visual learners. Student follows the arrow on a number. They count the smaller numbers (multiples) as they move along the large number to determine multiplication answer.

Numbers for skip counting and multiplication Here's a set of number organizers that show multiples of each number inside the number outline. These might be interesting pieces in student notebooks.

Math thinking maps! These would be great for multiplication and division too!

Math thinking maps - Like a freyer model and a circle map combined - Would be great with vocabulary.

Such a smart way to help kids see that there are 5 minutes between each number on the clock. Great telling time activity.

Awesome for teaching children how to tell time. I would use this as a whole class activity, and each child would get their own. --Teaching Special Thinkers: Telling Time is EASY PEASY Love this idea for teaching time with manipulatives!

stempelen met een dobbelsteen! leuk en leerzaam!

Stamping with Dice

Dice stamping to do math Could simplify to match dots on dice to numbers on another sheet.perhaps use larger dice for easier stamping.

Great idea for early finishers -- could do this for any grade -- +,-,x, division! Love it!

Make an "Add It Up" Math Boggle Board for Your Classroom

A little of everything on this page, but I love this parts of five idea and a progress idea

F is for First Grade: Quick Math Station Activity -- numbers and apples . change to pumpkins?

Convert fractions,decimals, and percents Foldable

#made4math- Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percents Foldable

Converting Rational Numbers Foldable: Conversions of fractions, decimals, percents. Use in an interactive notebook.