That's a pretty BadAss dragon tattoo right there...

40 Cool While Badass Tattoos to INK

Aces, Boxcars & Zero Roulette wheel.

Tattoo by Fabien Belveze. Découvrez tous les casinos du monde et leurs…


A majestic looking sleeve tattoo. The tattoo shows a face of a wolf who is seemingly ready for an attack and has sheer determination n the eyes. Below it are two more wolves engaging in a fierce battle for superiority.

90 Moon Tattoos For Men

90 Moon Tattoos For Men I really dig the wolf howling at the moon part of this tattoo

Blackwork Sleeve by Zmierzloki Tattoo

36 Perfect Sleeve Tattoos for Guys With Style


Poseidon Tattoo , black and grey tattoo, leg tattoo, leg sleeve tattoo, Poseidon…

Wood Tattoo 3d Tattoo                                                                                                                                                                                 More

a tattoo of a face split into several parts on the dark wood background; I wonder how it would look with a beach background instead of the dark woods!