Haha yes!

I just thought this was funny. If I were to own a dance studio big enough for separate men and women bathrooms, I would have this picture for women hahaha.

And that friend who's all what do u mean it's just dance

U don't want to be the weirdo walking strange because of splits and your coach pushing you in conditioning!


Ballet feet (not all ballet dancers feet are like this but a lot are) - I still have my ballet feet battle scars!

"How I feel about dancing on my left side... I don't hate it. I just don't like it at all, and it's terrible." #danceprobs

Except, for ATS dancer's, this is opposite.we hate dancing on our right side lol

I could do a round off back handspring back layout half twist and people would be like "wow that's cool" and then I do the splits and they're in shock

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