2 renards.

These fox kits played rough--lots of pouncing, wrestling and biting--yet I never saw one loose its temper with its litter-mates.Photograph Siblings by John Dykstra

hugging-wildness: Snowy Fox | Igor Shpilenok

Red Fox by Igor Shpilenok- I love the little speckled of snow and how the red stands out against it

* * " Haz yoo ever seens a beautiful animal robbed of its life ands nots think dat nature ands de world wuz robbed of itz too?"

Dernières lueurs d'hiver

Foxy -- Reminds me of Brother David--he loved the wild animals and God's purpose they served.

intagram juniperfoxx

intagram juniperfoxx



A Red Fox. by oldrose

The red fox. These animas forge for food in the cool part of the savannah like rats and other things. These foxes die of diseases. They live in the forestry area through the savannah.

Everything Fox            - Baby fox getting ready for a sneak attack

“ everythingfox: “Baby fox getting ready for a sneak attack ” But it looks like it wants to cuddle! The ultimate sneak attack.