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m Barbarian or Dwarf damaged helm portrait Skyrim Concept art, but One day I would love to have a beard as glorious as this, thats my aim

Interesting article about RPG and character evolution ( Portuguese)

Concepção do Personagem - RPG

Iphone 7 Leather Case Bumper Leather Skin Cover For The Elder Scroll Online Warrior

Символика кельтов

This would make an amazing raven tattoo. (not tattoo, but raven with wings painted with glyphs in a painting as a familiar)

#GustafSkarsgård #Floki #Vikings #HistoryChannel Season Three Promo Pic

~J Floki.is just so Evil the tv vikings version of the first Eurpoean religious fanatic

여권 신분증 증명  면허증  전산등록 각종문서제작 -문의 010-

Some badass stuff