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“The promise of uncertainty changes how I live. It urges me to live. more, as if the very seconds prior to every sunset will be my last.” ― Nadine Brandes, A Time to Speak ZandraArt

facebook  | tumblr | youtube  | twitter | print store  Lately, music has really been inspiring my work. I made this piece a while back on one of those p...

Nymphs in the deep woods are mystery, they’re so elegant and charming like no one knows, that’s my concept. For ImagineFX magazine รอหนังสื.


Most bridges connect river banks, cities, and commutes. This bridge connected me to you. Picture is by sugarmints on DeviantArt

sugarmint-dreams:  Planetarium.

" She asked, pointing at the shooting stars, "no, they're not stars. Those are souls coming to Earth.