Edible Art, Cats on a Pillow Cake.

Edible Art, Cats on a Pillow Cake. ★ More on - Get Ozzi Cat Magazine here…

The kitty... - by Bolos para Amigos by Tânia Maroco @ CakesDecor.com - cake decorating website

The kitty… Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreams she has a kitty. Out of a sudden, a mysterious beautiful box appears. A beautiful kitty! This cake was made for a local magazine. All cake is edible.


Tabby Cat Cake - Cake by Laura Loukaides My friend Laura is such an amazing cake artist!

This is a cake. I repeat--this is a cake. Wow. Black and White Cat By Bohdanka on CakeCentral.com

"Black and White Cat - cake weighing kg." My oldest daughter wants a cat cake for her b-day.