Le tango est partout, dans les salles et les rues de Buenos Aires.

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The Tango in Argentina has a complex history and the exact origins of both the name and the dance are uncertain. However, one thing that is certain is that the origin of the tango in Argentina was strongly influenced by black African culture in the


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I am definitely trying this: Tango Colorado- Lessons and Social Dance! Tuesday, to Denver Turnverein Ballroom Denver, CO This is what Argentine tango looks like. You'll have to find out for yourself what it feels like.

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The music's in you head - all you have to do is listen - the rhythm is in you body so let go.

It's in your heart and in your soul to dance the Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires

Осторожно! Девочка танцует...

Inspiring picture ballerina, black and white, child, girl. Find the picture to your taste!