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Unique Engagement Shoot Inspired By ‘Dancers Among Us’ Sandra Marusic Photography Bridal Musings

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The Tango in Argentina has a complex history and the exact origins of both the name and the dance are uncertain. However, one thing that is certain is that the origin of the tango in Argentina was strongly influenced by black African culture in the


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If you live a lifetime without a moment like this, you have no idea how much you are missing- its never too late! ) Learn to dance latin dance! This is tango, which has some of the most beautiful music in the world as well as the loveliest of movements.

Впереди еще трудная битва (даже две). Пока не время. Понадобится много сил. А сейчас время для удовольствий и передышки.

argentinatangoshoes: “Dancing Tango in Buenos Aires streets~ Argentina Tango Shoes ~ ”

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20 фотографий танцоров с Мексики, чтобы доказать, что Трамп ошибается

Gratitude—that& what New York-based photographer Omar Robles took away with him after his latest experience photographing ballet dancers in urban backdrop

What Kind Of Dance Style Should You Take?

What Kind Of Dance Style Should You Take?

combat boots and a tutu - my kinda style:) Great Dynamic Dance Photo shoot pose. find and inspirations at

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Argentine Show Tango. Photo by Danilo Ciscardi Got to learn how to Tango