Lovely Waves

Amazing Things in the World - Golden Wave at sunset at Puerto Escondido, Mexico


The oldest and most prominent big wave contest is the Eddie named after Oahu north coast Hawai'ian lifeguard and internet user Eddie Aikau. Another big wave surfing.

Matt Kurvin Photography | Save the Waves Photo of the Month

Big wave surfing is a discipline within surfing where experienced surfers paddle into or are towed onto waves which are at least 20 feet m) high, on browse boards referred to as "guns" or towboards. Sizes of the board had to effectively surf these.

g'morning, good people ♥ source: c0caino

Sunrise on the ocean. Whenever I see a scene as breathtaking as this, I'm ashamed of ever being so arrogant as to doubt the existence of God.

So beautiful. I ache to be near the ocean again... Come on graduation.


incredible picture of Ocean, sky and surfer on the edge of quite a tide. This isn't something you can recreate but if you are lucky you will find your slice of heaven.

Peter Lik

'Sundance' by Peter Lik; The Big Island, Hawaii Peter Lik by far best color photo

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Life is like a sea. We are moving without end. Nothing stays with us. What remain is just the memories of some people, who touched us as waves . Keep going on is the way out of positive life !


Gorgeous wave - Focus On the Positive: The Marine & Oceanic Sustainability Foundation.