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All I can say is "whaaaaaaT???"  Denture Hair Combspriced per pair by ConcaveOblivion on Etsy, $50.00

Denture Hair Combs-priced per pair by ConcaveOblivion on Etsy" WOW! Priced per PAIR!

Denture Ring (Separated Upper and Lower)

Denture Ring (Separated Upper and Lower) by ConcaveOblivion on Etsy

Denture Compact par ConcaveOblivion sur Etsy

Denture Compact by Concave Oblivion. this new fad is too freaky. maybe not for a dentist, but I'd be scared to see this in my purse.

Vaso cuore anatomico, finitura rosso by Dellamorteco on Etsy

Anatomical Heart Vase By: Dellamorte & Co. Sculpture of an anatomical human heart, cast in resin and hand painted. tall -Bronze & Red Finish I would want this in my house

Wall Tentacle Sculpture Octopus Art

Items similar to Wall Tentacle Sculpture Octopus Art Nautical Decor on Etsy

Creepy coin purse eats your change! Nancy Founts

Surreal Sculptures by Nancy Fouts

Purse with teeth - Nancy Fouts. Where can I add teeth in my stuff?

Denture Bracelet by ConcaveOblivion

Feeling as though our posts lately haven't quite been odd enough to live up to our name, I present to you the dentures bracelet. The dentures bracelet is a bracelet of teeth that you wear around your .

Last one Sweet Tooth Ring от ExtolloJewelry на Etsy

thegolddig: “ Sweet tooth ring (more information, more etsy gold) ”

Everyone needs a pair of teeth socks, right? #DentalFun

Happy Teeth Socks | Womens

No need to drill into your bank account! Brush your woes aside and prepare to look flossy in your colorful teeth socks. The socks come in periwinkle, or as we like to call it, the color your mouth tur

I love these and I dont know why... ZIPPER faces by Hirotoshi Itoh

Stone sculpture by Hirotoshi Itoh, Keiko Gallery . How can one not smile at Hirotoshi Itoh's rock sculptures. From zippered rocks contain.

RP by Linden NJ's  wonderful family dentist.  Antique dentures.

Looks like the trend was to have receding gums back in the…

frozen smiles ice tray | Fred & Friends

Get your kiddies grinning with the Fred Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray. This fun denture shaped ice cube tray is made out of synthetic rubber. Just fill it with